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46 Websites To Make Money: No Experience, $0 Cost (eBook)
46 Websites For Easy Money, No Cost

46 Websites To Make Money: No Experience, $0 Cost (eBook)

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*******Lesko’s Video eBooks…. Books You Can Watch..... Contains 9 How-To-Videos and 45 Websites To Take Action At No Cost

If you have a smartphone you can get paid.

The new economy is creating millions of new jobs that no one is keeping track of because:


They Are Full Time, Part Time or One Time Jobs, or new ways to make money in the new Peer-to-peer platforms and the Shared Economy…

This is where the economy of BOOMING. When the rest of the economy of shrinking and people are fighting for what is left, the people in the new economy are growing and generous to each other because the pie keep increasing. It’s much for fun to be part of something growing then something shrinking.

                                       Company/Value                  Employees      People Making Money

                                                      New Economy

                                      AirBnB.com / $25Billion            2,000               1,000,000

                                       Uber.com /   $50 Billion            2,000               1,000,000


                                                      Old Economy

                                      Hyatt Hotels / $10 Billion         80,000                    0

                                      Fed Ex   / $45 Billion                300,000                    0

 More facts:

Uber Plans to Hire 1 Million Women Drivers In Next 5 Years

UpWork.com Had 3 Million Jobs This Year Worth $1 BILLION

Guru.com Gave Out 1 Million Jobs

People Work The One-Time Jobs and Make As Much As $67,000 and $90,000 Year

 Here is why these jobs are becoming more popular:

          -         You Don’t Need Credentials or Degrees

          -     It Costs Nothing To Get The Job

  -         No Fancy Resumes

-         No Boss… So LESS STRESS

-         No Schedule

-         Work When You Want

-         Work Only For The Salary You Want

-         The Website Gets Employer’s Credit Card Ahead Of Time So 

                 You Are Guaranteed To Get Paid

-         The Website Provides Insurance For Your Protection

-         You Have Power Over Employer Because You Tell The World How 

                 Good Or Bad They Are After Every Assignment

MOST IMPORTANT…The Websites Gets You Customers and do all the paperwork and billing and only take a small percentage

Learn Website Details From Video Interviews of                                             Crowdfunding Creators

These past last 3 years I conducted over 700 video interviews with people who either used crowdfunding websites to raise money or created crowdfunding websites for you to use. 

I've done all the research for you.  Its time for you to decide to start getting the money.

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