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Beware of Debt Relief Scams...GET OUT OF DEBT FREE
Beware of Debt Relief Scams...GET OUT OF DEBT FREE

Beware of Debt Relief Scams...GET OUT OF DEBT FREE

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Learn Free Gov’t Grants, Services and Experts Who Get You Out of Debt

for Free

Matthew Lesko

New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur


Consumers Waste Millions On Debt Relief Scams

Every year millions of Americas are wasting thousands and thousands of dollars falling for debt scams that proliferate the internet.  A Google search of “Debt” shows 274 MILLION websites.


              Bad People Prey On Your Fear and Anxiety

They play on your fear and anxiety of being in debt and the fact that the average consumer is unaware that there are free programs all across the country that can help you solve your debt problems for free.


               You Never Find the Free Help Using Google

These programs don’t advertise on Google, so you will never find then when you search the internet for debt relief.


This course will show you:

-       How to avoid debt relief scams

-       How the internet makes you pay for financial services when you don’t have to

-       How some of best free financial counselors in America will help you solve your debt problems for free

-       How to never pay anyone to solve your student debt problems

-       How  knowledge from free experts can give you instant peace of mind with your debt problems

-       How you can tap into free government grants, direct payments, services and more experts to help solve your financial problems

Table of Contents


A…Introduction Video


B…Stay Away from Scams Like These…

***Scams That Promise You Government Grants to Pay Your Debt but

      Charge a Processing Fee and You Don’t Get the Grant

***Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

***Scams That Promise to Pay, Settle and Get Rid of Your Debt

***Scams That Charge Money to Settle Your Debts

***It’s Against the Law to Charge You Money Before You Get Your Money

***Scams Promising Cheaper Mortgage Payments

***Consumers Lose $95 Million in Student Debt Scams

***How to Recognize a Credit Repair Scam


C…Get Free Legitimate Help

Step #1…Get a List of Free

Financial Counselors Near You

***List of Financial Counselors Approved by US Dept. Of Justice

***Check Local County Cooperative Extension Services for Free

      Credit Counseling

***Call or Search 211.org for Free Sources for “Credit” or “Debt”


***Contact Free Local Business Financial Consultants


Step #2…Before You Decide on Help from Anyone,

Contact Your State Attorney General’s Office and

Your Local Consumer Office


Step #3…Remember Each Year, over 25 Million People—

10% of All Adults--Were Victims of $37.8 Million in Fraud


…and 36% of Organizations Are Victims of Economic Crime and 44% Believe Local Police Can’t Do Much About It


D…Use Gov’t Grants To Free Up Your Cash to Pay Off Debt


E...50 Best Websites with Financial Giveaways for Consumers