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Choose Best Crowdfunding Websites For You To Get Money (eBook)
Choose Best Crowdfunding Websites For You To Get Money (eBook)

Choose Best Crowdfunding Websites For You To Get Money (eBook)

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*******Lesko’s Video eBooks…. Books You Can Watch..... Contains 40 How-To-Videos

How To Choose The Best Crowdfunding Websites 

For You To Get Money

...Includes 40 Video Interviews Of Crowdfunding Experts

Matthew Lesko

New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

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Crowdfunding is the biggest thing since Government Grants for anyone who is looking for money to create their own job or business or solve a financial problem.  What’s great about crowdfunding is that it requires no background, no credentials, no credit check, and even no money.  All that’s required is access to the internet.

You Will Never Review 26 Million Websites

Crowdfunding started only 5 years and there are estimates of over 1,000 different websites available.   Using Google to try to find the best site for you will be like looking for a needle in a Google haystack.  Google handles quantity and not quality.

 If you search on the word ‘Crowdfunding” you will get 26 MILLION websites in your search results.   If you search for  “Best Crowdfunding Websites” and you get 3.5 MILLION web sites and the first one on your list that is not someone trying to sell you something is an article that is 2 years old.  That is ancient times in crowdfunding years.

          Learn Website Details From Video Interviews of                                             Crowdfunding Creators

These past last 3 years I conducted over 700 video interviews with people who either used crowdfunding websites to raise money or created crowdfunding websites for you to use. 

I've done all the research for you.  Its time for you to decide to start getting the money.