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Free Cars + Gov't Grants To Buy or Repair a Car (Download Now)
Free Cars + Gov't Grants To Buy or Repair a Car (Download Now)

Free Cars + Gov't Grants To Buy or Repair a Car (Download Now)

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Stop Wasting Time Searching Google.

Get the benefit of my 40 years of doing free money research.

I've spent many weeks of research putting together this video ebook

that shows you the best websites from government and non-profit 

organizations that offer free cars, free car repairs and grants 

to purchase cars and repairs.

Includes13 Instructional Videos

Table of Contents

1…National and Local Non-Profits That Help with Cars

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-120 Organizations That Provide Working Car for Working Families

-Free Charity Car

-See If United Methodist Church Fixes Cars for Free in Your Area

-Contact Your Local Community Action Agency

-Find Your Local Salvation Army

2…Low Interest Non-Profit Car Loans for Limited Income Car Buyers

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3…Banks that Give You Grants to Buy a Car: Individual Development

Accounts (IDA)

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4…$22,235 for Veterans to Purchase or Retrofit a Vehicle

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5…Local Gants and Financial Assistance to Purchase or Adapt

a Handicapped Van

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6…State Programs that Pay for Purchasing a Car

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 -Pay for Transportation to Get to Work: 

$10,000 to Buy a Car/$1,000 To Fix a Car

-Transportation Assistance Program for Women

    to Get to Work

 -Grants to Pay for Transportation to Get to Work in the State 

   of New Jersey  

-Discount Auto Insurance for Low Income

 Individuals and Families in the State of New Jersey

7…Free and Low Cost Car Repairs from Non-Profits

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-Local Non-Profit Repairs Cars at Discount to

   Train Ex-Offenders in Auto Repair

-Reduced Cost Car Repairs

   Sample City: Frederick, MD               

8…Personal Grants from Private Foundations for Emergency Money

   to Buy or Repair a Car

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-Ask Your Local Library If They Have Access

   to the Foundation Center Database of 10,000

   Personal Grants for Individuals

 -Search for Other Local Non-Profits and Gov’t 

   Offices for Emergency Money to Help to Buy or 

   Repair a Car

-Call and Search 211 for Where You Live

-Contact Your Local County Government for

    “Emergency Financial Assistance 

-See How to Get $700 Emergency Money from

     Local Non-Profits

9…12 Million Cars a Year Can Get Repaired for Free Because They

    Are Part of Recall

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10…Non-Profit Helps You Get $1,000 in Emergency Money

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11…Discount Repairs at Your Home…Get a Free Online Price Quote

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12…Free and Low-Cost Car Repair from Local Trade Schools

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-How to Search for Local Trade Schools that

 Repair Cars for Free or Low Cost

 -Sample Trade Schools Available: Sample City

-Internet Review of Using a Trade School to Fix

Your Car

13…How to Use Crowdfunding to Buy or Repair a Car

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14…Peer to Peer Loans: Better, Faster, Easier & Cheaper Than Banks

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Why It’s So Hard to Find These Websites

You don't know about these programs because these organizations don't have money to advertise.  You won't find them from a Google search, unless you carefully comb through thousands of research results.

The upside down world of Google makes sure you see all the websites that want money to solve your problem, and the ones that will solve the problem for free are buried within the Google haystack.

But Don't Worry!!!  I've done all the work for you. For over 40 years, I've been doing free money research and sold over 4 million books that uncover little-known free money gems that the experts never tell you about.

I show you sources you never ever dreamed of.  You get hand-holding instructions as well as websites and contact info for you can start solving your car problems today.

I bet you did not know:

-- There are over 120 non-profit organizations in the US that give out cars for free or little cost.

-- Cars loans are available at ridiculously low interest rates even when you have very bad credit.

-- Organizations will repair your car for free.

-- Access a government database to see if your car is one for the 12 Million cars that can get fixed for free each year but owners don't know about this opportunity.

-- State governments give $8,000 to help buy a vehicle. 

--- Local governments help pay for auto insurance.

-- How to get $500 for emergency cash to pay for auto repair.

-- Mechanics will come to your home and fix your car at a 40% discount.