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Grants, Free Services And Free Internet Money For Busy Moms (eBook)
Grants, Free Services And Free Internet Money For Busy Moms (eBook)

Grants, Free Services And Free Internet Money For Busy Moms (eBook)

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Over 70 Instructional Videos 
Over 200 Websites 

Programs from Government Offices, Non-Profit Organizations, and the Internet Economy.
Learn All You Need to Know from Interviews with People Who Show You How They Did It. 
All these sources give out free money and free services that can be extremely helpful to women. 

You'll never find these websites using Google.

Oh YES... Men are eligible to apply too. 

But I did this tutorial because women seem to carry a bigger burden in our society and continue to get the short end of the stick.  Women are society's fallback position for: 
        - taking care of our children, 
        - taking care of our elderly, 
        - taking care of the incarcerated.

Women earn only 82% of what men make and represent only 20% of the Members of Congress. Maybe that is why the tax code allows a bigger deduction for raising horses than for raising children. 

Here are the kinds of free money and help you too can learn to get: 

  - $8,000 to Train for A New Job 
  - $1,500 to Help Pay the Mortgage 
  - $6,000 to Pay for Groceries 
  - Free Treatment by Best Doctors in The World 
  - Free and Cheap Health Care for Seniors 
  - An Extra $5,871 for Your Family 
  - 350 Colleges that Seniors Can Attend for Free 
  - Free Prescription Drugs 
  - Collection Of Missing Child Support Money 
  - Money To Pay Heating And Cooling Bills 
  - $10,000 For Downpayment and Closing Costs 
  - Free Consultants To Set Up A Home-Based Business 
  - 46 Websites That Let You Work Only When You Want And Cost $0 
  - Make $36,000 Part-Time At Home Because You Like Pets 
  - Free House Sitting If You Care For Pets 
  - Extra Cash from the Clothes You Don’t Use 
  - Get $350 A Month for the Times You’re Not Using Your Car 
  - Make An Extra $5,000 Year for Your Extra Room, Basement or Garage 
  - Get Designer Clothes at 80% Off  
  - $30,000 To Show Kids How to Make Dollhouses 
  - Raise $50,000 with 20 Minutes Work to Help Pay Medical Bills 
  - Get $10,000 to Open An Art Gallery 
  - Make $80,000 Showing Others How To Store High Heels On A Bicycle 
  - Stay At Home Mom Delivers Baby While Getting $25,000 On Internet
  - All You Need is $350 To Get $400,000 To Help The World 
  - Start a Blog and Get $11,135 To Write A Cookbook 
  - Pet Lover Get $24,000 from the Internet To Start New Career at 59 
  - Start Part Time With No Money and Get $25,000 to Quit Boring Job 
  - It Takes 10 Minutes to Set Up Internet Site to Get $60,000 To Pay Bills 
  - Mom Gets $20,000 from Internet to Make Breakfast Goodies at Home 
  - Quit Your Job in 6 Months 
  - Make Enough Money in 12 Months To Quit Teaching Job with No Money or Expertise 
  - Start An Internet T-Shirt Business with Just A Picture and $0 Cash 
  - Grandma and Mom Start Internet Store to Stay At Home with Baby 
  - Retire Today and Own Your Store for More Fun Than Ever 
  - Knitting Baby Socks In Bed, Plus $12 Generated 400 Instant Orders 
  - Clear Up 4 Years of Back Taxes and Credit Card Debt in 18 Months with Free Internet Store

Stop Going Around In Google Circles

I Do All The Research Work And

 You Get All The Money

100% Money Back Guarantee

Matthew Lesko Has A Better Consumer Record At The Better Business Bureau Than Bill Gates


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