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Learn Crowdfunding From Women Who Are 100% Better Than Men (eBook)
Learn Crowdfunding From Women Who Are 100% Better Than Men (eBook)

Learn Crowdfunding From Women Who Are 100% Better Than Men (eBook)

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Crowdfunding is the most exciting Free Financial Opportunity since Government Grants. It is growing at an exponential rate and will give out over $34 Billion in 2015.

This is the first financial opportunity where Women are Out Performing Men by 100%.

It is the easiest source of money that anyone can use to:

            - Start of Expand A Business

            - Work On A Project, Invention Or Idea

            - Solve A Financial Problem For Yourself, Your Friends or Your Community

This Video eBook includes interviews with 65 Crowdfunding women who will teach you:

             - How easy it is to set up a crowdfunding campaign

             - How You Can Raise $75,000 With A $50 Investment

             - Why You Don't Need High Priced Consultants, Lawyers or Accountants

             - You Don't Even Need To Have Products To Send Before You Get The Money

             - You Don't Need To Fill Out Complicated Forms, Financial Statements or Credit Checks, and finally

             - There Are No Gatekeepers, Fat Cats, or "Men Only" Clubs Standing In The Way Of You Getting The Money You Need

I spent the past 2 years conducting over 1,000 video interviews with people who use crowdfunding and the internet economy. And because women outperform men 2 to 1, this Video eBook includes video interviews of 65 women who show you how it's done.

Spend 20 minutes or 2 hours, and you can keep coming back to get the answers and inspiration you need to use the most exciting funding in the world that can get you to a live you always dreamed of.

*** Money Back...No Questions Asked...If Not Completely Satisfied***

Let These Ladies Show You How They Did It So You Can Do It Too...

1) Chef Alli Sosna Teaches Kids How To Cook and Eat Healthy On A Food Stamp Expense Account 

2) Bartender Mom Gets $10,000 To Make Drinkers Healthy

3) Mom Get $30,000 To Make Kids' Dollhouse

4) How 10 Minutes To Do A Web Site Gets $50,000 For A Friend Who Lost Job and Has Cancer

5) Get $10,000 To Open A Local Art Gallery.

6) An Awesome Bicycle Trunk That Gets $80,000 Free Internet Money

7) Stay at Home Mom Delivers Baby While Getting $25,000 Of Internet Money For Her Business Idea

8) All You Need is $350 To Get $400,000 To Help The World

9) Start Your Blog and Get $11,135 To Write A Cook Book

10) Get $110,000 For Hi-Tech Fashion Idea... It's Beautiful, Practical, and Wearable with "WOW" Reactions

 11) How To Make More Money Part-Time On The Internet Than With A Full Time Job

12) Pet Lover Gets $25,000 From Internet To Start A New Career At 59

13) Start Part Time At Home With No Money And Get $25,000 To Quit Your Boring Job

14) Takes Only 10 Minutes To Set Up An Internet Page To Get $60,000 For Paying Your Bills

15) When You See An Accident STOP! And Get The Victim $75,000

16) New Mom Gets $20,000 From Internet To Make Money Cooking Breakfast Goodies

17) How Getting Free Internet Money (Crowdfunding) Is A Free Course Where You Lean More About Life Than Getting A PhD

18) Student With No Money, No Contacts, and No Experience Creates Award Winning Non-Profit

19) How To Get The Best Ever Birthday, Wedding, Graduation, or Retirement Presents

20) Here Is How To Find Out If You Are Doing What You REALLY Should B Doing In Life

21) Art Student Raises $15,000 On the Internet For Her Handbag Idea

22) Be Part of New Small Business Boom That Gives You Richer, Healthier & Smarter Lifestyle

23) 2 Mom's From Maine Start With $48 & Get $2,675 In Free Internet Money For Their Business

24) Homeless Family Creates An Income Opportunity For Solving Homelessness

25) $30,000 To Grow A Business You Believe In Because It Helps People

26) Quit Your Job & Get $16,000 To Live A Life That Inspires You To Live

27) Love, Passion and $17,640 of Free Internet Money Lets You Make A Big Difference in Life

28)The Best Website If You Like Watching Movies, or Making Movies & Videos with Free Money

29) How Small Real Estate Investors Can Get The Big Deals

30) Get A $5,000 Business Grant When Applying For A Low Interest Loan

31) How To Get $100,000 On The Internet If Your Child Has A Health Problem

32) High School Friend Uses Internet To Raise $50,000 To Pay Health Care Bills From Friend's Death

33) Russia Has Private Crowd Funding For Social Programs

34) Super Hero Couple Raises $100,000 For Their Baby When Insurance Won’t Pay For It

35) Authors Now Get Internet Money For Their Work Without Going to A Publisher

36) How To Use Social Media To Sell Anything

37) How To Take A Moment & Get Free Money For Others Who Really Need It

38) Helping Out A Family Or A Friend In The Most Practical & Effective Way

39) The Best Way to Make Money on the Internet Is to KEEP FAILING For NOTHING

40) Here's How A Mom Can Get $2,800 In Free Money To Present In A Conference

41)  We're All Going To Have A Personal Robot Soon, So Start Now.. They're Reasonable

42) This Website Gets You Money To Do Whatever The Hell You Want To In Life

43) Volunteering 2 Weeks In Another Country Is How To Better Your Life & Expand Your Heart

44) A $25 Christmas Present Changes A Life And Gives You All Your Money Back

45) Would You Know How to Get $25,000 If Your Family Needed It?

46) Dad Can't Work & Needs Transplant: Mom Gets $45,000 From Internet

47) When No One Wants To Publish Your Book, The Internet Gives You All The Money You Need

48) Drinking Has Never Been So Much Fun AND PROFITABLE

49) Work Made Her Sick, So She's Getting $8,000 of Free Internet Dollars To Cure Herself and Other

50) How To Take Getting Fired And Turn It Into a Career Of A Lifetime

51) $5,000 Interest Free Loan Gets You Into Fashion Business Having Fun

52) A Tax Refund and Your Passion Gets $40,000 From Internet For Home Business

53) Alternative Medicine Works! So Here's A Way To Get Health Insurance To Cover It

54) Get $55,000 In 3 Hours So People Can Send Unlimited Text Messages With No Monthly Fees ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

55) Here's How To Get Money For Someone Who Needs An Education, Training or Skill

56) $5 Photo App Makes You Look 10 Pounds Lighter and Your Skin Beautiful

57) How To Get The Best Toys In The World At Huge Discounts

58) Best Way To Help Someone: Get Them Money For A Business At Rates Way Better Than Banks

59) The Most Important Website On The Internet Gets You $75,000 For Friends or Families In Need

60) How To Use The Internet To Pay For A New TV, Back To School Supplies, Gifts and More

61) Get Money With No Credit Check, Zero Interest, & No Pay Back to Buy A House or Fix Up Your Home

62) Answer 10 Questions and See If Your Idea Is Worth $20,000 and Free Help In Getting More

63) Money For Your Business That's Better, Easier, Faster & Cheaper Than The Banks

64) Show Up Dressed Like A Movie Star For Next To Nothing

65) Use This Website If You Need Money For A Friend, Loved One, Neighbor, or Yourself