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Missouri Residents Guide: 327 Applications for Free Personal Grants, Income and Services (Download Now)
Missouri Residents Guide: 327 Applications for Free Personal Grants, Income and Services (Download Now)

Missouri Residents Guide: 327 Applications for Free Personal Grants, Income and Services (Download Now)

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World’s Greatest Single Collection of Financial Assistance, Income and Services for Missouri Residents

Including: Personal Grants, Forgivable Loans, Unclaimed Property, Free Professional Services & Sources of Extra Income That Cost Zero $0

Average Yearly Amount Sent To Every Missouri Family = $21,771.50

(See Source Data http://www.leskotutor.com/blog.asp)

Produced By America's #1 Free Money Expert

Matthew Lesko

Award Winning Financial Columnist, Serial Entrepreneur, and NewYork Times Best Selling Author

Learn where to apply, and how to apply, to every legitimate programs available to you because you live in Missouri.

Includes: personal grants, free money sources, cost free money opportunities, and free professional services.

Money Programs And Services No One Tells You About.

For All Incomes and for Every Aspect of Your Life: 

         -Pay Your Bills and Expenses

         -Free Training To Get A Better Job          

         -Start a Home Business or Become a Freelancer

         -Get Out of Debt

         -Get Your Student Loans Forgiven

         -Get A Ged or a Phd

         -Pay for Health Care, Dental Care or Pet Care

         -Emergency Money for Rent, Mortgage or Utility Payments

         -Free Transportation and Day Care

         -Free Legal Help

         -Free Child Care, Elder Care, and Respite Care

         -Loans Cheaper Than The Bank and Some You Don't Pay Back

         -18 Government Agencies Sitting on Unclaimed Money You Forgot About

         -Free Tax Helps and Grants From The IRS

         -Generate Extra Cash from Your Home, Car, Closet or Your Extra Time

Every Money Program and Service Described Requires ZERO $0 Cash

         -$8,000 Grant to Train for A Better Job 

         -Banks That Put an Extra $5,000 Grant Into Your Savings Account

         -Show An Employer to Get $9,600 From Gov't If They Hire You

         -Go to The Best Graduate Schools In the World for $1,000

         -Accredited University Provides Free On-Line Education

         -Double Your Salary With Paid IT Apprenticeship

         -Free Help With Getting Rid of Creditors

         -Business Loans at Zero  0% Interest

         -$1,165 Extra Cash Because You Are A Senior

         -$700 Emergency Cash

         -Save $1,000 Per Month On Your Mortgage Payment

         -$35,000 Because You Were A Victim of Crime

         -$2,500 To Work On an Art Project

         -Get $1,000 From A Bill Collected Who's Not Nice

         -Free Cars and Free Car Repairs

         -Free Cell Phone and 500 Minutes Per Month

         -Cash To Buy Fresh Food At Farmers Market

         -Get $2,000 Windfall for Unclaimed Cash

         -$7,000 to $50,000 To Fix UpYour Home

         -Monthly Grants To Pay Mortgage Payments

         -$3,500 Grants for Co-Pay On Your Health Insurance

         -$22,000 to Adapt a Car for Your Disability

        -50% Off Vet Bills

         -Gov't Lawyers Collect When You Get A Bad Check

         -$30,000 Back from Your Mortgage Company

         -6 Million Who Don't Apply for $2,482 IRS Grant

         -Free Database of 10,000 Personal Grants

         -Get Free Money from Your Congressman

         -$25.Hr to Be a Part-Time Flexible Home Assistant

         -Make $12-$1r/HR Delivering Groceries

         -Be One of the 800,000 Pet Lovers Making Up to $30/YR at Home

         -Make $300 Having Extra People Over for Dinner

         -Make an Extra $800/MO with Real Estate Owning No Real Estate

         -Make Up to $350/MO with Your Car When You Are Not Using It

         -Make $1,300 with A Yard Sale with No Yard

         -Make $300/MO Sharing Your Knowledge and Skills on Line

         -State a T-Shirt Business With ZERO $0 Cash

         -Get $3,000/MO to Work On Your Art or Craft

         -Free Cars and Car Repair

Matthew Lesko Fair Trade Guarantee

I Will Always, Always, Always, Refund Your Money, If For Any Reason You Do Not Believe This Is Fair Product Sold at a Fair Price

Matthew Lesko

Award Winning Financial Advice Columnist,  Researcher and Entrepreneur

Sold Over 4 Million Books

2 New York Times Best Selling Books

2 “Best Reference Book of the Year Awards from American Library Association”

Founder of 3 Information Companies

Wrote Financial Columns for New York Times Syndicate, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Chicago Tribune

Appeared on hundreds of TV Talk shows including Oprah, Larry King, Letterman, Leno, The Today Show and his famous Infomercials.

The Washington Post calls Lesko...'A Genius"


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