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Pay For Education/Training  With 40 New Programs  (eBook)
Pay For Education/Training With 40 New Programs (eBook)

Pay For Education/Training With 40 New Programs (eBook)

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Lesko’s Video eBooks…. Books You Can Watch

40 Ways To Pay For Education And Training No One Is Telling You About

Get What You Need To Increase Your Pay Or Get A Better Career

Matthew Lesko, New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

Over 4 Million Copies of Lesko Books Sold

What You Don’t Know Education And Training Money

-          Free Mentors Help You Tap Into $100 In Unclaimed Scholarships

-          Your State Can Have $17 Million To Pay For College But No One Applies

-          The First Accredited 4-Year Degree Is Now Online And Free…And Great Jobs For Grads

-          Save $50,000 Legally On Paying Out-Of-State Tuition

-          Get A 50% Salary Raise After 15 Hours/Wk For 12 Weeks of Free Training

-          New Laws Create Ways Not To Pay Back Your Student Loans

-          Get $7,000 - $250,000 To Train Yourself Or Employees For A Better Job

-          How To Get Crowds On The Internet To Pay For Your Tuition When You Can’t Find Money

-          Gov’t Money Is Available To Train For Millions Of Jobs That Go Begging

-          Don’t Join The Army! Work For Starbucks And Get 4-Year College Degree Paid For

What You Get:

-          Complete Descriptions Of The Programs That Offer This Money

-          All The Internet Links And Contact Information You Need To Apply For These Programs

-          Exclusive Video Interviews Of Officials Wo Give Out The Money And Experts Who Researched The Programs

-          Interviews Of People Who Show You How They Were Able To Use These Programs

-          The Knowledge And Strategies For Handling Any Difficulties With Your Application

-          More, More, More

The Washington Post calls Lesko…. “a genius”

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