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Pay Your Bills & Debt With Local Gov't Grants (eBook)
Pay Your Bills & Debt With Local Gov't Grants (eBook)

Pay Your Bills & Debt With Local Gov't Grants (eBook)

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Government Programs That Provide Cash and Free Services To Solve Your Financial Problems

Stop Sliding Further Into Debt

Matthew Lesko, New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

 Lesko's written over 100 books on free money, sold over 4 million copies, with 2 New York Times Bestsellers and appeared on Oprah, Letterman, Larry King, The Today Show, Leno and a series of popular TV Infomercials.  For the past 3 years I’ve produced 700 video interviews of average people who used free money websites for financing. The Washington Post calls me… “a genius”.   

What You Don’t Know About Help For People In Financial Trouble:

       - There Are Government Programs To Pay Back Rent and Mortgages

       - There Are Legal Ways To Get Money From Your Congressman

       - The Government Thinks A Family Is Poor When Making $42,000/Yr

       - Local Non-Profit Organizations Get Government Grants So You Can Pay Your Bills

       - Money Is Available For You To Pay For Day Care

       - Local Financial Experts Get Grants To Help You Reduce Your Credit Card Bill

       - Free Counselors Are Available To Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Home

       - One-Stop Hotlines Are Available To Call For Help With Any Financial Problem

       - Cash Programs Are Available To Help Pay For Phone Bills, Utility Bills, or Fix Up Your Home

       - More, More, More

  In 2016 Uncle Sam IS Giving Out An Average Of $21,196 To Every Family

What You Get:

       - Complete Descriptions Of The Programs That Offer Money And Services To Help With Bills and Debt
           - All The Internet Links And Contact Information You Need To Apply For These Programs

           - Exclusive Video Interviews Of Government Officials Who Give Out The Money Or Services

=         - Video Interviews With People Who Show You How To Use The Programs

           - The Knowledge And Strategies For Solving Any Problems You May Have With Applications

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