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Top 50 Gov't Programs  For The Average Person In America
Top 50 Gov't Programs For The Average Person In America

Top 50 Gov't Programs For The Average Person In America

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I put together all the information and free applications 
you need to apply for Uncle Sam's Top 50 Giveaway Programs.

I also produced an instructional video for each Giveaway 
so you don't miss how important each program can be 
for you to live a better life. 

These are all legal programs and made available by laws 
passed by the U.S. Congress. 
The problem is that Uncle Sam has ZERO $0 
to advertise to you that they are available. 

I've done all the research for you so you can get 
all your benefits that America has to offer. 

Below is a listing of the Top 50 Uncle Sam Giveaways
and 18 bonus programs that are in my new report. 

 Table of Contents 

 1…Get an Extra $2,000 a Year Because You Own a Home 

 2…Greatest Home Buying Bargain in America: Mortgage Payments 50% Cheaper than Anywhere Else 

 3…Get $12,000 Worth of Home Repairs for Free 

 4…Get 70% Of Your Monthly Rent Paid by the Government 

 5…These Banks Give You $5 for Every $1 You Put into a Savings Account 

 7…Free Cell Phones Plus 500 Free Minutes per Month 

 8…Get Internet at Home for $9.95 and Computers for $150

 9…Get $65,000 to Reduce the Size of Your Mortgage to Make It More Affordable 

 10...Get $30,000 to Pay Back Mortgage Payments if You Become Unemployed or Underemployed 

 11…$400 Local Bonus Money for Homeowners from Your County Gov’t 

 12...Get $2,700 Worth of Free Medical and Dental Care for Your Dog or Cat 

 13…How to Save $250 per Year on Your Pet Food Bills 

 14…Get $1,000 If a Bill Collector Is Annoying, Calls You at Bad Times, or Is Mean 

 15…Free Cars for Christmas 

 16…Get $25,000 Because You Were a Victim of a Crime 

 17…$6,000 to Work on an Art Project 

 18…$50 for Seniors to Buy Fresh Fruit and Vegetables at Farmers Markets 

 19… Get an Extra $1,156 in Cash Because You’re a Senior

  20…Get $700 Fast Cash Free to Weather Tough Times and No Pay Back Ever 

  21…$3,200 Per Year to Help Pay for Child Care 

  22…Gov’t Considers You Disadvantaged with $750,000 in the Bank 

  23…Get $20,000 Worth of Government Cars, Beds, Furniture, Computers or Land ALL for FREE for Your Non-Profit  

  24…Get $300 per Month for Prescription Drugs 

  25…Over 6 Million Do Not Apply for $2,482 IRS Grant 

  26…Grants and Loans to Help You Pay for a Handicapped Van 

  27…$20,235 Grant for Veterans with Disabilities to Purchase an Automobile 

  28…40% Discount on Your Car Repairs 
  29…$7,500 Grant for Burial Expenses 
  30…Get a $25,000 Grant to Pay Back Expenses on Your Home So You Can Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage 

  31…$100,000 Grant to Get a Cheaper Mortgage Payment 

  32…I Found 67 Government Benefits I’m Eligible for in 2 Minutes 

  33…Quit Smoking Hotline Plus Free Nicotine Patches 

  34…House Flippers Get $500,000 from the Internet to Buy Real Estate When the Bank Turns You Down 

  35… Free Cataract Surgery 36…Free Condoms and Free HIV, Hepatitis, and STD Testing Near You 

  37…Make an Extra $100 Going to a Party 

  38…$5,000 to Travel Overseas Looking for Customers for Your Business 

  39…$50,000 Grant for Your Idea on How to Reduce Food Waste 

  40…How to Eliminate $30,000 In Assessment Fees on Your Mortgage 

  41…Get $20,000 of Your Student Loan Debt Forgiven at Any Age 

  42…Collect $1,000 plus Attorney Fees and Court Costs from Mean Bill Collectors 

  43…Women Making $61,000/Year Eligible for Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening 

  44…$8,000 to Train for a New Job or New Career 

  45…Seniors Get an Extra $1,000 A Month Helping the Community 

  46…Ship Anything to Anywhere in The World for Free 

  47…$6 Million in Refunds Going Out to Customers of Kevin Trudeau’s “Weight Loss Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” 

  48…Save $5,000+ on New Appliances & Energy Saving Upgrades with Cash Rebates, Tax Credits and Discounts 

  49…How to Make $40,000 a Year Traveling the USA in Your RV That Will More Than Cover Your Campground Fees 

  50…Get $20,000 for Turning in Your Neighbor or Boss as a Tax Cheat 

  51…Save $235 By Using Pet Food Pantries 

  52…Get an Entire Air Force Base for Your Church or Community Group for FREE 

  53…50% Discount on a Home If Uncle Sam Considers You a Good Neighbor 


 18 More Free Websites to Find Missing and Unclaimed Money 

 1…Find Unclaimed Property in Any State 
 2…The Internal Revenue Service  (unclaimed tax refunds) 
 3…State Tax Refunds 
 4…United States Department of the Treasury  (unclaimed savings bonds) 
 5…Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (unclaimed insured deposits 1989-93 and dividends) 
 6…Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (unclaimed pension plans) 
 7…Veterans Administration Benefits (unclaimed life insurance benefits) 
 8…Unclaimed Wages (unclaimed wages) 
 9…Bank Failures (unclaimed accounts from failed banks) 
 10…Credit Union Failures (unclaimed money from failed credit unions) 
 11…Securities and Exchange Commission Harmed Investors (unclaimed awards from for mistreated investors) 
 12…Damaged Money up to 50% (get new bills for damaged ones) 
 13…Mortgage Money (unclaimed mortgage refunds) 
 14…Missing Treasury Bonds 
 15…Calculate Value of Savings Bond 
 16…Replace a Savings Bond 
 17…Foreign Governments That Owe You Money (unclaimed funds) 

 Matthew Lesko Fair Trade Guarantee 
 I Will Always, Always, Always, Refund Your Money, If For Any Reason You Do Not Believe This Is Fair Product Sold at a Fair Price 

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